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      As a Worship Pastor, Keyboardist, and Drummer, Aaron has always been involved in music and music ministry. Serving in the local church for most of his life, he began directing the choir and leading worship as a teenager. As a young musician Aaron believed that he would always be involved in music. However, it was in his mid-twenties when he understood that he had a specific calling on his life to lead in worship and music ministry.


     Aaron has had opportunities to serve and minister under churches with various ethnic, denominational, and generational backgrounds which has given him a unique perspective on Music Ministry and Worship & Arts. That unique perspective is what he brings to consulting, workshops, blogging, and worship leading, in order to encourage the body of Christ to have a God encounter launched through worship. 


Aaron has been blessed to share the rest of his life with his wife, and ministry partner; author, singer, songwriter Shante Carter. Aaron and Shante have been married for over 10 years and have been entrusted with two very beautiful children, Zoe and Caleb.



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Worship Consulting

MISSION | ACarter Worship Consulting partners with the local church to help strengthen and grow the music and arts ministry.


APPROACH | As we understand that the body of Christ is so diverse, and the vision for the local church looks different from church to church, our consulting program starts with a discussion with the pastor and/or leaders to understand where the ministry is and sharing where they want to be.


STRATEGY | Rehearsals and Sunday services are analyzed in order to gain greater understanding of the needs of the ministry. We will then set up trainings and workshops that best fit our goals. 

SEMINARS | All seminars start with teaching on the spiritual foundation of why we do what we do.  The remainder of the classes touch on various technical, team, and leadership topics including but not limited to:

  • Defining Worship and Praise 

  • The Language of Praise and Worship

  • The Worship Lifestyle

  • The Posture of Worship

  • The song - contemporary, the hymns, the sound of the land

  • Worship Leading 

  • Worship Teams 

  • Message for the Musician

  • Multimedia in the Church

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