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November 29, 2016

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October 16, 2019

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Lessons Learned from the song "How He Loves"

December 7, 2016



My original version of this blog was written in 2009, and by now most of you have probably heard a version of the song "How He Loves". At the time I first heard this song, there were about 2 versions of it. Now there are about 200 of them. I wish there were still just 2, but that’s a whole different conversation. So if by chance you still haven’t heard the song, you should. (How He Loves) For some who are reading this, the song is a little "folky". It's even a little folky for a lot of CCM listeners too. But when I first heard the song, it touched me on a whole different level. At the time just singing the chorus or thinking about the words brought me to tears. Here is one of many lessons learned from this song. 



I heard the song for the first time during a Friday night service and literally for three days straight all I sang, and all I thought about was “Oh How He loves us so…” and “He Loves Us Oh How He Loves us…”  Sunday afternoon comes, and I’m singing it all the way home from church. It was just me and the kids. Now what tends to happen when a new song is being sung around the house, my daughter Zoe kinda’ slows down, begins to look at you and study the song you’re singing. Seeing that she is on her study mode, I continued to sing. Repeating this chorus over and over, my spirit is full while loving on my daughter. While on chorus number… “a lot”, I look to my right and notice my son (who has been sick since Friday) sitting on the floor about 4/5 steps away from me. As I turn to look at him, I see that his hand begins to stretch out to touch this puddle of “mystery substance” that was sitting on the carpet next to him. From my seat, I didn’t know which end it came out of, but I knew it came out of him. I run over to catch him in time. As the chorus is still in my spirit, cleaning him and the carpet threw me off about 45 minutes from what I was planning on doing with my Sunday afternoon; but I didn’t care. 

It was nasty, it was messy, but I didn’t even care.  


…Oh How He loves us so…For God loves us so much that He will clean our messiest mess up, and not even care. As a matter of fact, He wouldn’t have it any other way, for “He is Jealous for me…” He does not want you to go to anyone else but Him to clean up or take care of your mess. So we need to go to Him. We need to go to Him during the moments that we would rather make up our own recipe on how to fix our mess. You know how we want to just not make a public deal of our sin, and just attempt to fix it in private.  


The bottom line is,

1. He Loves Us So Much that loving us at our lowest and nastiest is effortless. 


 2. He is jealous for me.  Loving us in our mess is the only way He would have it. So what else is there to do but be honest with Him? Admit our mess and admit you want to be cleaned up. He’s got us covered. 

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