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November 29, 2016

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What Does It Mean When The Grumpy Old Man Says The Music Is Too Loud?

October 16, 2019

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What Does It Mean When The Grumpy Old Man Says The Music Is Too Loud?

October 16, 2019

I don’t know if there is a musician out there who has never heard the words “The music is too loud!” A great percentage of those who comment on the sound are usually not musicians nor sound engineers. Because of this, they tend to describe what they hear according to the language they have which by itself comes out as “the music is too loud”. The grumpy old man's (grumpy ol’ woman, or pastor) complaint should not be dismissed as just “grumpy man” rhetoric. More than likely there is validity to their complaint. Particularly as it pertains to the church, the distracted has not only missed how great the band and team was, but they have been distracted from the message God wanted to reveal for that moment. So to get to the bottom of what the complainer is really saying, there are some questions that could be asked.  



Is the band literally playing too loud? 

At times the band playing too loud reveals the maturity of the musicians. A more experienced musician knows how to balance themselves with everything else that is going on. A good musician knows how to adjust with environment. They know how to adjust with the musicians they are playing with, the type of room they are in, or the sound system they are working with. 


Does the sound guy lack training? 

Thank God for volunteers. There is a lot of ministry that would never happen if it wasn’t for volunteers. However, we must remember that volunteers are still volunteers who’s experience and education is of wide spread. Train your volunteers PEOPLE!! Please?


Is the sound and/or music equipment compatible

Again, in ministry we do what we can with what we have. What we have may not be what works for the music, style or room we are in. Even good sound and music equipment may not necessarily be the best equipment for your church.  Invest in your equipment. Consult with a certified engineer.


Is it that Mr. Grumpy just hates any song that is not his favorite Hymnal?

A pastor said to me that he starts to get complaints about how loud the sound is every time they try a new song, or a new style. #Diversitymatters in your worship style. (blog coming soon) Navigating through your church DNA will rustle feathers. It comes with transition. 



Here is the bottom line…”So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. “ Romans 10:17  I believe our faith is not strengthened in many cases because our hearing is not clear. Making an investment in what people hear through excellence and efficient equipment, you are helping the listener receive what the music or message is conveying. 

I believe with his limited technical vocabulary, the fictitious Grumpy Ol’ man says:

I didn’t like that soloist. She sounded terrible. The truth is the mic used is not good for her voice. 


Grumpy Ol’ man: The band is too loud!!!                                 

Truth: The low frequencies are too loud. 


Grumpy Ol’ man: I need a new church! The preacher give me a headache every time he speaks! 

Truth: The Preacher’s countryman is not EQed correctly and the frequencies are piercing.  


Grumpy Ol’ Man:    The guitar play is too loud!!!

Truth: Yep he is. You know those CCM guitar players. LOL. 

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